Welcome to Captain Trek’s live show, the Morning Brew! Join the chat, introduce yourself, talk, open topics are welcome. Every morning starting 6 AM Central hope you appreciate the show. When good YouTube channels are difficult to find, the Morning Brew is on the best YouTube channel for the talk flow in an organic atmosphere and we take it by ear and go where ever the wind takes us.

Where YOU are the show Star Trek is a great topic in the nerd community and we are always open for a good Trek topic, but almost any fandom is welcome on this daily show. Top 10 nerd or geek cinema, nerd vs popular, random stuff, you name it, let’s talk! Streaming every morning to your location, the YouTube official channel, the Morning Brew is the last livestream you will even need for morning chat.

Come to Captain Trek’s Morning Brew, great morning chat.

You come for the brew stay for the crew Growing tiresome is not an option, growing UP is NOTPorn, not-porn I’ve been asked to include links where people can help the channel





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