Qapla’ & Welcome to the BirdOPrey5 channel.

I review Star Trek and other sci-fi shows and movies like Star Wars, The Expanse, Lost in Space, the MCU, and Seth Macfarlane’s brilliant The Orville. I am also a big fan of Stargate and the BSG 2004 reboot.

I check out Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Paramount+, Disney+, and other streaming services for hidden gems and good content. I comment on pop culture and to a limited extent the politics behind pop culture. I think Star Trek Discovery has so far been a disaster.

Content on the channel varies from #BedLife Live Streams which I do live from the hospital bed I have been confined to since 2010 to open panel discussions and live game play. I try to make sure all my streams and videos are fun to watch. If you need advice check out my Dear Bop series.

If you don’t know what Caroga is yet, don’t worry, you’ll learn soon enough. Hail Caroga! Check out MomOPrey5 channel and BirdOPrey5X channels as well.

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